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The real meaning of getting to “the double bottom” of being is to release oneself into the openness of the absolute Other, to turn one’s inside out, to reach the stillness of Aeon that abides with-out measured time.

This alterity is not anthropomorphic but, because it delimits the human world and represents the very possibility of human existence, is rather anthropo-genetic.

The key to solving these questions lies, I believe, in the fundamental notion of Chinese thought — a notion of change.

It is the idea of change and of its logical outcome — the inner continuity of change (because the change must change itself and thus arrive at the unchangeable) that led Chinese thinkers to postulate as the ground of their thinking the very limit of the existential Self where purified transformations of temporal (and thus corporeal) Self merge with the pure dynamism of the primal act of consciousness.

It would be wrong to say that Chinese thought negates any notion of reality that transcends the world of appearances.This perspective on subjectivity creates the need for the new hermeneutics that must dispense with the metaphysics of self-identity while presuming the possibility of the unitary Self.Such hermeneutics emerges as a response to the call of tradition.The latter, of course, has nothing to do with the mere continuation of the past.Its real essence is the creative event or, to be precise, the self-effacing power of time, the irresistible force of forgetfulness that affirms the ever-present but essentially a-temporal reality under the cover of permanent renovation.

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According to them, Chinese thought operates with a concept of “the Focus-Field Self’ which reduces self-consciousness to the “awareness of one’s role as a locus of observation by others” while acknowledging that such a Self has the quality of deference, or self-elusiveness The “deferential” Self is able to transform its individuating capacity (embodied in one’s “virtue” or de) into integrating power and to extend oneself to the point of being able to embrace the indeterminate field of its context.

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