Dangers of dating a muslim man

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In other words, a couple may involve in zina, and one of them will be considered to have committed fornication, and the other, to have committed adultery. There’s the zina of the hand, when one touches the opposite gender who is not for him or her.Also, there’s the zina of the tongue, where one could ‘sweet-talk’ the opposite gender.And when you have to, and must interact with the opposite gender, it should be in the open; in a professional setting. Let your use for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram be for good.One should try as much as possible to ensure the presence of a third party. If you live in the Internet (and you know what it means to live in the internet. Do not allow them to lead you to pornography which leads to it or the secret habit.Unarguably, fornication has emerged as a normal lifestyle in the world of today. The Muslim, who hopes to meet his Lord and attain His forgiveness and mercy, and to be welcomed with open doors to the Paradise, is ought to know its dangers and seek protection against them, as long as he lives.This article presents 15 dangers of zina which the Muslim should know, or be reminded of. The occurrence of the incidents he mentioned confirms and affirms his prophethood. In a “From among the signs of the Hour (end of time) are that religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of religious scholars), ignorance will prevail, drinking of alcoholic drinks, and there will be prevalence of zina.” through which he divinely predicted some happenings that will happen in the future.

All that or some of them could be inevitable, as the Prophet said.

(Perhaps, that requires an article of its own.) top There’re several situations and reasons that can easily drag anyone into it.

This is regardless of your marital status and the level of your religious commitment.

“Single” here refers to someone who has never experienced an Islamically recognized marriage.

This means, a man or woman who is divorced or widowed from a lawful marriage, and had encountered intercourse in that marriage, and comes to engage in zina is not considered as ‘single.’ In Islam, a bachelor who commits is to be given 100 lashes of the cane.

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This is regardless of the marital status of the parties involved.

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