Concrete5 rss displayer not updating

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Concrete5 rss displayer not updating

With a single custom template for the Page List block we were able to achieve this. There are a few parts to it, but once you've got these basics covered it's pretty easy to repeat where you need it.I'm going to explain this on version 5.6 of concrete5 - the same concept should roughly work in 5.7, but we've simply not used 5.7 in this way yet.The Page List block can be be used in a variety of ways to list pages of a particular type, from a part of the sitemap, dynamically based on the page, it can paginate, it can order, it slices, dices, and even can output results as an RSS feed.The power of the block when it comes to customisations is in the fact that the block really only fetches pages and outputs them in a very simple way - the choice is yours as to how you actually want to output the information about the pages (and page attributes).They've also released some developer resources for anybody wanting to delve into the code.Concrete5 is an open source content management system with a reputation for flexibility and its strong community.Let's create a custom page type called Set this page type up to use the Composer, including those fields.

Lately we've been working on a several sites that involve physical locations, such as properties of businesses that have an address associated with them.In part two of this post we'll improve the script above to use latitude and longitude, as well as explore a way we can make the lookup of these values automatic in concrete5.The Concrete5 team have been busy recently, releasing version 5.7, before updating it twice.Users will find that content editing, theme customization and so forth have all been optimized.Regarding the release, Concrete5 CTO Andrew Embler, had this to say: “For the first time in 6 years, we’ve decided to not put backward compatibility first and foremost.

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Lets get rid of the pagination and RSS code and really strip it back to something very bare. folders within a block template will be automatically included on the page.

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