Chat roulette sex game

Posted by / 10-Mar-2017 06:05

Chat roulette sex game

Many people are familiar with the website Chatroulette, which connects two users at random, anywhere in the world, for video chat (which, in many cases, amounts to being ambushed by the lower half of a stranger engaged in a frenzied wank).

While getting your jollies through an anonymous video chat service is fairly harmless (provided you dont give anyone your personal details), the South American country Colombia has been rocked by roulette of another, more worrying kind.

However, every once in a while, a girl would show up.

Seeing a girl on this site was like finding water in the desert.

The worry in Colombia is that so-called sex roulette will become more widespread, as it has currently only caused a stir in certain cities.

The latest scandal comes after the UN praised Colombia in February for tackling teenage pregnancy, since pregnancy numbers have gone down since 2005, when a whopping 20.5 percent of Colombian teens aged fifteen to nineteen were pregnant.

I’d sign on and my chatting partner turned out to be a guy holding his penis up to the web cam.

In practice, the content of the site became very insidious. I found the site over two years ago and at first, it was repulsive.

Groups of teens, sexually curious and unaware, started to show up on the site more and more often. I started visualizing what would happen to me if the authorities found out—asking myself, “what if a moderator was watching? I knew that intimacy, sex, and fulfillment was not on a computer screen. It was in the real world that I had isolated myself from. I will no longer trade my life, my relationship, or my love for any insidious website.

I went on it with them and we started joking, talking, socializing, and trolling with the random people on the net. We were randomly matched up, via web cam, with a stranger from anywhere in the world. I certainly didn’t think of it as leading to porn addiction.

I’d quickly click next and more often than not, I’d find another penis.

Group sex if carefully planned and carried out with preventative measures against STDs and unwanted pregnancies can be a satisfying way for people to explore their sexuality, but when the participants are teens there are problems such as peer pressure as well as emotional immaturity which make games like sex roulette worrying.

If reports of the game are accurate, and Colombia wishes to avoid a sexual health crisis that will cripple development, it will need to teach teens to protect themselves, so that they may enjoy discovering their sexuality without dire consequences.

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I realize how counter intuitive this goal sounds as naked girls are easy to find on the Internet, but porn was easy. The fact that there was an army of cock you’d seemingly have to wade through didn’t seem quite as disgusting, it was just an in-game obstacle.