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Carbon dating powerpoint

Staff will present the suggestions from these letters to the Council at the April 28, 2017 EFSC meeting.At its February 23-24, 2017 meeting, the Council directed staff to hold a second rulemaking hearing at the May 25-26, 2017 EFSC meeting and approved an extension of the comment period on this rulemaking to coincide with the close of that second rulemaking hearing.The list of specific issues represent those that staff has identified as having the greatest interest or concern by the Council and stakeholders.Council members are encouraged to add any other issues of interest or concern that are not included in the list.At its February 23-24, 2017 meeting, the Energy Facility Siting Council directed its staff to revise the proposed rules, stated that a second public hearing be held on May 25 or 26, 2017, and approved an extension of the comment period to May 25 or 26, 2017 (exact date and time to coincide with the close of the second rulemaking hearing).The extended comment period is broadly intended to function in two phases.Finally, panel members will each have a time-limited opportunity to address the Council on the issue generally following the conclusion of the Council’s questioning.Staff recommends the Council impose time limits for the discussion of each issue at the beginning of the hearing.

The approved rules are not intended to alter the substantive aspects of how the Council’s rules and standards apply to the Council’s review of a request for an amendment to a site certificate.

OAR 345-027-0080, a proposed rule detailing the limited type C review process.

The type C review process would only be available for a proposed change that relates to the facility, or portion/phase of the facility, not yet in operation, but approved for construction in the site certificate or amended site certificate, and only be available upon request and approval by the Council.

Complete revised rules will be posted to this EFSC rulemaking webpage on September 8, 2017.

Extended Written Comment Period: There is no opportunity to provide oral comments during the extended written comment period.

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Staff will first introduce the issue, which will include a brief overview, a description of how staff has addressed the issue in the proposed rules and a description of some of the other options the Council could choose to pursue for that issue.

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