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Cakare sex

Senu che io tono con Oaleotto : Ik qai Oo, per cbe tn m' co la kuia; t ooti dice che Lance Uotto, preto ardire, ccoipu Bcnto a la ioteniione. £ Undrm mm kitm /«r tmmtim reuint a m« eom^gnon ; Royal ao, D. I r DANTE AND THE LANCELOT ROMANCE 11 et amenez mon oompaingnon si qne nolle riens ne sache que oe soit il. E cotl dice I'aiitoce che lo riao di Beatrice MO a ha che li dorem addimandare di qiie Uo che dnbittva e voleva ester e BOB lanaite per rivercnxia, cone §a oenno lo toastre di Branguina m l a nr a lknto che ficewe ^oello, per che v* era, e oon laitine per rivcreiuia Mre.

200-203 ^ A doubtful reading in Dante's Letter to the Emperor Henry VIL {Epis L vi L 8) 203 Dante's use of ** rendern " (Inftmo, zz' And so there was an habyte pat upon hym, and there he lyved in praxrs and fastyng. Einsi passa le ior tant que uint apres souper quil auespri* Et la roine a pris Galehout par la main . et damoisele lore de cardoil • et une soe puoele sanz. Manuscript 96 in Bibliothique Nationale reada au witnytr. "^ 18 DANTE STUDIES AND RESEARCHES pliu de conpaingnic • ni sentomc tot contreual les pres . Et la dame de nialoaut et les autm autresi we merueillent molt de ce quil sont si priucement • et li uallei uint au seneschal . Et cil prist tantost le dieualier auoc lui si passerent leue et uindrent tot contreual les pivz la ou li ualles lor mostra.^ Quant il apro« chierent et les daiucs lo( esgardcnt si connut la dame de maloaut le bucn chcualier coumie oele qui maint ior lauoit eu en sa baillie ct por ce quele nc uoloit mie (|uil la coneust senbroncha et se tnu»t pres de madamoisele lore. Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. Alora una donna, chiamna Daaaa, chompagna de la ditu Regina auedcndossi de latto chomincio a lossire ct aspotarc quaai dicat : lo te ho ben ueduto, chussi nel proposito Beatricie rise mo quaai dicat : lo te aldo bene o uer tu seray bene ndito, guarda dochctadichi." This ia no doubt the Italian translation of Benvenuto*s commentary which to by Coloosb de Batioea in hia Bib Uogrm/a Dmrnitua (ii. / DANTE AND THE LANCELOT ROMANCE He remarks on the present passage : — Htc compvat Beatficem dame Ifolaiit dum nato tmchrh videndo reginsm Genevenm obscnlitfi a Landalocto inducto Oalaocd at acripsi in infiemo capitolo quinto. coment le uerrai gie • car ge le uoil ueoir en tel maniere que nus ne lo sache fors lui et moi et uos • car ie ne uoil mie que autres genz en aient aise. Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. On the other hand, the Anonimo Korentino, with whom several others agree, annotates : — Qui vuol moalrare come Beatrice continiio fl lo Uecitava, ed etemp Ufica : Ella gli fe aimile cenno ch' egli domandaase coo desiderio a qvella anima beata, qual fecc quella che tonio al primo fi Ulo di Ginevra che ti ha icritto. Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. l i' I, ii 1 i i i J* I 4 PREFACE The articles and notes contained in this volume are for the most part the outcome of researches undertaken for the pur- poses of my Dictionary qf Proper Nama and Notable Ma Uere in the Works qf Danitj which was published three years ago at Oxford by the Clarendon Press. Fumtvi U in boooiir of bit teventy-fifth btrthdajr brd. One or two, mk the other hand, have been condensed by the omission of o Mtter which it was more convenient to introduce in another $h Mpe elsewhere. This was the case with the compilation made by Rusticiano da Pisa (who, though an Italian, wrote in French, just as did Brunetto Latino). Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. As the results of these re- searches are necessarily only given in brief in the Dictionary^ and as the articles themselves are more or less inaccessible in their original form, I have, in deference to suggestions from various quarters, collected together here such of them as seemed likely to be of permanent value to the English student of Dante. 1 Six of the longer articles have been translated into Italian I and published at Bologna, under the title of Ricerche e Note \ Dantesche (Serie Priima\ as the first volume of the Biblioteca M ' Presented to Dr. In order to render the contents of the volume as easily ac- n Ue as possible^ two full indices have been provided, vix.y a aobjcct-index, and an index of the passages in Dante's works which are quoted or r e f e n^ to in the course of the various It reflsains for me to express my acknowledgments to the adttors and pu Uishen of the several journals and reviews, French, Italian, American, and English, in which these articles and notes originally appeared, for permission to reprint them in the present volume. Wood, Bv MHUAUg Bvcu, Mmj, 1901 CONTENTS VAOM Preface v (▼. 250-252 '' II Re Giovane " in the In/imo (xxvii L 135) .. 253-255 '' II Vecchio Alardo " in the /fi/mio (xxriil 18) . In this version, for instance, the guilty loves of Lancelot and Guenever are merely hinted at. tex gem le porroient ueoir qui bien le oonoistroient.

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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. Et ad intendere ben tal novella, d 4 da sapefe che la reina Ginevra innamoroe di Lancialotto, per molte prodeixe che gli vide fitfe ; et ancbe perchi era di sua persona piacevole, e &cundo in parlatura : penad la detu reina di paletarlo al principe Galeotto, al quale, dopo toltogli fidanxa, apene mo intendimento, et soggiunsegli : acci6 die tu sia piik fervente, io loe che tu ami la donna di Manoalt ; io Ui6 d che ella aegniri tuo intento.