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Brainiac dating search

Series 1 featured a wide variety of experiments including testing to see whether a mobile phone would ignite petrol vapours, walking on custard and testing the effects of electric shocks on various Brainiacs.

Series 2 saw the start of "Brainiac Snooker", in which World Snooker professional Quinten Hann would pot the last six balls on a table into pockets connected to fuses which, upon potting a ball, would cause a caravan rigged with a different explosive to explode.

Non Brainiacs March 10, — bitsofstardust This is why brainiacs is self-selecting: Once approved, you'll have full access to the site's features - all of which are absolutely free. This is a dating site for people who wish to dating members who are smarter than your average bear. All profiles and photos are reviewed before going live on the site, so there's less chance of finding offensive images here than on many other dating sites.

The search tool allows you to specify the gender and an age range for people you'd like to meet. There's already a lively community of smart men and women there on the online dating blacklist to be discovered.

Lass, Thermite, "Does being electrocuted affect your ability at work? Kilcoyne, Associate Dean of the University of Sunderland had a regular slot where he mixed various chemicals to see whether they "fizz" or "bang".

" (human statue, flair bartending, darts player), "Things the instruction manuals don't warn you about", 47 Second Science, Diana Ross and her Chain Reaction, and testing which things break and which things bounce after a ten-foot drop. Series 4 introduced Brainiac Darts, during which Bobby George threw a perfect set, always finishing on the Double Top which triggered the explosion of a caravan, and a new "I Can Do Science Me" which is set around auditions.

The experimenters on the show are referred to as "Brainiacs", and each episode usually finishes with the destruction of a caravan.

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Myang Li (Rachel Grant) with steel balls, attempting to "shatter or shunt" various objects.