Braces and dating

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I told her I was going to wash up before changing clothes and she could do the same since I have the accessible shower.

She went ahead since I still had to take my leg braces off and undress.

I laid back and pulled at the waistband of my white pantyhose, sliding them down my thighs leaving my panties on since I had a guest in the house.

I sat up and pulled my left leg to my chest to pull the hose off over my thin knee and calf, then off my foot.

Our relationship is still as exciting as it was on our first dating paraplegic girls night you may have read about.

We have a very open relationship at work now that Jeff is comfortable with dating paraplegics and . We met in a social group for disabled women I used to be involved in.

She exercises her legs most every day to keep the muscle tone.

From my bedroom, I could see her undressing in her wheelchair in my bathroom – lifting her legs to her lap to remove her flat dress shoes, wiggling out of her pants and panties, and taking her blouse and bra off.

While I took the straps loose from my braces, I watched her transfer from her chair to the shower chair and pull her legs into the stall behind her.

She’s had a better head start on that than I did, because she’s only been a paraplegic for a few years after an accident left her paralyzed.

She joined the group for support and we became instant friends.

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She has a hard time believing a handicapped girl in a wheelchair can be sexy – so tonight when we go out, she’s agreed to let me chose what she wears!