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Blue dating sapphires

If you'd prefer to speak directly to our customer service team, we can be reached during business hours at 718-599-2340. And, to chat about jewelry, which just happens to be our favorite subject. Hughes and U Hla Win Although it is rubies for which Burma (Myanmar) is famous, some of the world's finest blue sapphires are also mined in the Mogok area.They were said to have a prejudice against sapphires, believing the blue gem to be the bringer of misfortune.In consequence of this notion, some of them would invariably keep a stone on trial for several days before they would make final settlement with the sellers.In order to see if something of gem quality might be lurking within, MGE staff disemboweled it with drill and saw. 22, 1994, at Khabine, near Gwebin, in Burma's Mogok Stone Tract.

Tagore also mentions a curious custom among the Hindus of India.Hence, perhaps, the paucity in the numbers of Sapphires in their possession.SM Tagore, Mani-Málá, 1879 One magnificent Gwebin gem was scratched up just below the grass in 1929 by miners preparing a site for digging. comm., May 2, 1994), it was a water-worn, doubly-truncated pyramid weighing an incredible 958 cts.Today the world gem trade recognizes the quality of Burmese sapphires, but this was not always the case. While the Burma ruby is famed throughout the world as the finest of its kind the Burma sapphire has been ignominiously, but unjustly, dismissed as of poor quality. Herbert Smith, Gemstones, 1972 While this statement must be qualified by adding that the finest Kashmir sapphires are in a class by themselves, those from Burma are also magnificent. Coggin Brown (1955) said this: It has been stated that Burmese sapphires as a whole are usually too dark for general approval, but this is quite incorrect; next to the Kashmir sapphires they are unsurpassed.Edwin Streeter (1892) described Burmese sapphires as being overly dark. In actual fact nowhere in the world are such superb sapphires produced as in Burma. Speaking generally, Ceylon sapphires are too light and Siamese sapphires too dark, and it is more than probable that many of the best 'Ceylon' stones first saw the light of day from the mountainsides of the Mogok Stone Tract. Coggin Brown, India's Mineral Wealth, 1955 Figure 1. This stone, an example of Mogok's finest product, was offered in the late 1980s in Bangkok for ,000/ct. (Photo: Adisorn Studio, Bangkok) Not all Burma sapphires are deep in color.

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At Kyaungdwin, near Kathé, in 1926 a small pocket was discovered that yielded "many thousand pounds' [sterling] worth of magnificent sapphires within a few weeks." (Halford-Watkins, 1935b) Longtime Mogok gem dealer, U Thu Daw, a contemporary of ACD Pain (of painite fame), was interviewed by one of the authors (U Hla Win). U Kan from Ze Haung (Old Market) had one which weighed 1450 cts. At Lay Thar Taung, the brothers, U Thein and U Ba Thaw, made a successful sapphire mine. Sapphires have also been found near Bernardmyo: [1] Bernardmyo itself at one time produced large quantities of sapphires, many of which were of magnificent colour and quality, though a number were of a peculiar indigo shade, which appeared either very dark or an objectionable greenish tint by artificial light.