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Saaremaa as well as the whole Estonia was liberated from the Soviet dictatorship that had lasted a half of a century in August 1991. Because of its mild maritime climate and soil rich in lime, Saaremaa has very rich flora and fauna.

The ancient fight for freedom ended in 1227 when German and Danish crusaders occupied Saaremaa.

The German occupation lasted until 1559 when the island was sold to the king of Denmark.

Five windmills stand on the Angla windmill hill near Leisi.

Although there are only ruins left of most of the Saaremaa's windmills, people have started to rebuild the windmills because they are an important part of the local culture. Tantsugala Mototoober 2018 Näitus " Kuumalt vormitud teras" - Heigo Jelle skulptuurid Pulmakleitide ja -ülikondade näitus " Nii heas kui halvas" Toomas Altnurme “Koit ja hämarik” - näitus" Saaremaa ooperipäevad 2018.

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Each year hundreds of thousands of migratory birds visit Saaremaa and a great number of them are under protection, e.g. Besides Viidumae and Vilsandi Nature Reserves, there are over two hundred single nature objects under protection - parks, high cliffs, large trees, erratic boulders and unique marshy lowlands.