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Best friends dating third wheel

August 8, 1983, the same day "Changing Keys" became the main theme.The nighttime show, which began taping in early July 1983, had the chant from its first episode. The show has been exported to quite a few countries since 1975; info on them can be found here, including two adaptations of Wheel 2000.Birdz ran for just one season of 13 episodes, while the others got two seasons and 26 episodes.

Unfortunately, very little of the hour-long era is known to exist and available information is limited primarily to recollections that date as far back as 1997, so the below descriptions may not be entirely correct: The hour-long era was not forgotten by the show, however: five winners from this period and four from the preceding half-hour shows were invited back for a special tournament called "NBC's All Star Dream Machine Championship" in early 1976, believed to have been held the week of January various afternoon timeslots instead of immediately before or after Wheel in the evening. , consisting entirely of repeats from the previous season, is carried by some markets.A handful of markets carry the two game shows on separate affiliates, though they are never scheduled to air at the same time. The episodes shown on Saturdays are always repeats from the previous season.(The reason why the taping period for the daytime show at Television City is uncertain is due to the official Television City website, which has a list of what shows taped in which studios going back to September 1953.For whatever reason, the list does not count the daytime and nighttime versions of Wheel separately, a trait also present with The Price Is Right, Card Sharks, and Family Feud among others.) Wheel has had three permanent taping locations: The nighttime version has always been syndicated, which means that it airs on stations that pay the syndicator (currently CBS Television Distribution) a fee to "subscribe" to an official feed of the show, which in turn provides the stations with the episodes and promos for each week of the season. , which did not have a concurrent network run when it was revived in 1984. have not aired in first-run on network television for many years. Since the two shows are syndicated, they don't have a "set" timeslot, and as such some affiliates do air Jeopardy! Additionally, while Wheel is limited to airing at , , or PM local time in the United States (the earliest time permitted being PM Eastern), many affiliates based west of the Eastern Time Zone air Jeopardy!

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The show was originally called Shopper's Bazaar when it was first developed in 1973.