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Beauty geek nate jennylee dating

Power and empowerment are ambivalent, dynamic themes in Beauty and the Geek.

No group or person has everlasting power over another.

The men saw that they did have a chance with beautiful women; obviously, not all beauties are willing to look past outward attractiveness, but the men learned that they should not think so lowly of themselves because there are good-looking women who could be attracted to them.

On the other hand, one particular episode, titled “Pimp Your Geek,” sends a not-so-empowering message to the audience and contestants.

This episode aired about halfway through the season and featured the geeks getting made over with new hairstyles and new wardrobes, and some of them traded their glasses for contacts.

Trying to make the geeks more attractive seems to somewhat defeat the purpose of the show.

Part of the show’s goal is to make the men more confident in themselves, and feeling more attractive on the outside can certainly increase self-esteem, so the makeover idea does have some merit.

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Power and empowerment are ambiguous concepts in this show because power continually changes hands throughout the episodes.