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Parental and romantic attachments are involved in the fear of intimacy experienced by adolescents during dating.

Still, attachment styles’ influence seems different for girls and boys, and highlights the need to distinguish girls’ from boys’ teen dating experiences.

Les modalités d’attachement (sécure, anxieuse, évitante) et les différences de sexe caractérisent également ces résultats.

Teen dating is a developmental stage questioning dramatically the relationships to be expected with others, especially when feelings of tenderness and love are involved.

Also, preoccupied attachment to romantic partners fosters the multiplication of datings, compared to secure; this is especially true for preoccupied and even more for dismissing girls.

Finally, there is no effect of romantic attachment on the age of the first dating experience or on the longest lasting relationship.

Après analyse, nous notons que l’attachement parental et l’attachement romantique sont liés à la peur de l’intimité, et que l’attachement romantique a une part explicative dans le nombre de relations amoureuses adolescentes.Autre moment fort : les 178 « speed dating » entre PME et représentants des métiers d' EDF (hydraulique, nucléaire, énergies renouvelables, commerce, R&D, how to flirt in russian phrases 5 déc.2016 - 1 min Julie Arnold n'est pas une adepte du speed dating (EXCLU VIDÉO).They were questioned about dating characteristics such as number of love relationships, age of the first dating experience and the longest lasting relationship.Two questionnaires were also self-administered: the Behavioral Systems Questionnaire (assessing attachment) and the Fear of Intimacy Scale.

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