Af am dating disasters dating etiquette for men

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Af am dating disasters

I bring all this up is to illustrate that work doesn't exist in a vacuum. Let's say that you don't really care about paying things forward to humanity, and really just want to live the best possible life.

Surely that means that you should just make a bit of passive money and go live in Thailand, right? You can get superficial pleasure from anywhere, but in my personal experience as well as through conversations with other high performers, I've come to realize that deep lasting satisfaction comes from setting challenges and meeting them. And, sure, you can grow at any pace you want, but I've always believed that if you're going to do something that you care about, you should do it as well as you possibly can. It's the process of pushing up against resistance and conquering it, and then waking up again in the morning and doing it again. I fee like I'm running down the court, improvising as I go, posting up as many points as I can until the buzzer goes off. You will be judged by it, and as nice as it is to say that you shouldn't care what other people think, probably most of the people that you respect are very hard workers.

In the same way, you have an opportunity to make people's lives better.

For SETT I think about how it will feel to see communities sprout up all over the internet, thanks to SETT.I like programming and I like building things, so programming was a good choice for me.When I started making SETT I was a bad programmer and certainly didn't love all of it, but there was a seed of love somewhere in there.But actually, even that busywork is grand because it's hard.And when you do things that are hard and you push through them, you become a better person.

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If you can't think of anything you like that will make money, just pick something you like that won't make money. I'm a mediocre programmer, maybe a four or five out of ten amongst people who work at programming. I'm now really good at building programs, because I'm so good at working. Maybe it will suprise you and turn into a business, but even if it doesn't, you'll have built the work habits to crush that next idea.