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It has a lot of good material for all Psion compatible users and excellent reviews and material on many different pocket computers. I've been really impressed by the quality of the software some authors have released for free. and G Upgrades, 35 Hillingdon Rd, Garston, Watford, Hertfordshire, England WD25 0JQ can almost double the internal memory of Revo and Revo , and 5mx. The other member was his chief technical engineer at Psion. Website and reviews formerly at Clack's magazine is very much the journal for Psion Epoc computers. In August 2002, it moved to a combined Psion, Palm and Pocket PC magazine.

Started in January 1995 with 48 pages about the Psion 3 and 3a. PO Box 188, Bicester, Oxfordshire OX6 0GP UK Palmtop had a list on their web site of the authors of pretty much all the software they review, and links to the web page of the author.

Lists recent releases, or can generate a list of all of it by release date or by name. Was at organisation promoting the Epoc operating system and applications developed by Psion as the basis for mobile communications. Other stuff available, n OPL, Hot Keys, Merlin, Thes Link, Patience, Asteroids source code. I haven't had to ask them any questions, but as far as I can tell from their web site, they know what they are doing. Site now attempts to set illegal cookies, so I no longer link to it. RMRSol, a solitaire patience card game, S5Utils, a utility program with currency conversion (Phil Spencer's JWIN), RMRZip compression utility (Serge Shestopalov's Psi Zip), RMRNews Internet news reader, Andy Harsent's RMRArt.The database of downloadable software pointers is well organised.Was started as a site for the defunct Geofox palmtop running Epoc32. 100% dedicated to FREE software for the Psion and compatible. David Tupman, ex Psion Hardware Design Manager, designer of 5mx and Revo Plus, and their main asic.Better to use Gareth Brandwood's site for the tips.In Sept 2001 the site was timing out and downloading very slow, but was up to date.

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