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So, the teachers hunt him down and try to get him to give them the bag.Guest stars: Max Ehrich, Henry Dittman, Stephanie Escajeda, Diane Delano, Marcus Folmar, Brady Reiter CJ and her friends decide to change their looks to see what happens.Eventually, CJ figures out that she can enter her list of 100 things to do before high school because of the science of whether or not things on the list prepare someone for high school and Fenwick builds a robot that highly surpasses Mindy's, but it goes haywire and wrecks everyone's science fair projects, except Crispo's, whose science fair project ended up being himself because of what his body can do.Back at home, CJ notices the trophies that she got from her brother, such as "Greatest CJ Martin Ever" and "Outstanding Achievement in Sisterhood".Guest stars: Max Ehrich, Henry Dittman, Stephanie Escajeda, Christopher Neiman, Brady Reiter When Crispo joins the Save the Baboons club, which is run by Mindy and Blake, CJ and Fenwick, who were not allowed to join, try to find their own clubs.

In the last moment, Hader catches CJ and her friends, but they manage to see the sunrise and then immediately drop to the floor and fall asleep.

Crispo wears all red, which becomes a problem when a fire chief is looking for him after he burned down the earth day tree.

Fenwick wears a muscle suit that lands him a spot on the wrestling team, a position he is not prepared for. The suit gets her a position in which she works with the principal and tries to find out who keeps vandalizing the school's posters.

Crispo and Mindy act like parents, even going so far as to have a custody agreement over the "baby", but they argue regularly.

The vending machine in the teacher's lounge is out of a certain type of chips and Fenwick happens to have a bag of it (his "flour baby").

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However, it becomes too much of a success after Mindy's not able to go in, despite everyone being able to join, and CJ, Fenwick, and Crispo not even being allowed to go back in due to the club reaching capacity.

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